Peter Lavender

After fronting the Boston band the Down Staircase, Peter Lavender released his first solo CD Back to Normal in 2007. An eclectic mix of folk/rock which Peter recorded in his living room, Back to Normal earned Peter the cover story in local music magazine, Metronome.
In July 2008, Peter released his follow up CD Never Now, a collection of ten new songs in the style of 70’s pop/rock singers like Todd Rundgren and Joe Jackson.
And in May 2012, Peter released his third album, Middle Street. While his first two albums relied heavily on studio multi-tracking, nearly all of the rhythm tracks on Middle Street were recorded live in one session. Featuring the Limbo Souls, (Carl Johnson, Arte K, Steve Esposito, and Justin Beaulieu), the songs on Middle Street vibrate with the energy of a live performance while still incorporating the Lavender trademark of layered vocal harmonies.  ARTIST WEBSITE